All I Needed Was a Tissue (Cypress Hill Tribute)




Cypress Hill's Black Sunday was the first CD I owned. This song assumes that the reason they sounded the way they did when they sang was because they were sick. I present - All I Needed Was a Tissue!


Just give me a minute to blow my nose...
Gettin' boogers on my clothes.
Don't make this an issue.
All I need was a tissue.
Don't make me kiss you.
Gettin' mucus on your upper lip.
Like a booger moustache
Blow my nose in a flash.

All I needed was a tissue to blow my nose!

I sneezed in my hand don't shake.
Now I got cold medicine I gotta take it.
My white blood cells bust a move when I sleep,
So my nose don't drip when I walk down the street.
People always ask why I sing this way.
Just took a puff from my asthma spray.
Hold it in...Count to 10...
Oh no! I got bronchitis again!
A tisket a tasket gotta boogie basket.
How am I feelin'? Don't even ask it.
Now I'm just a temple of doom
Gettin' everybody sick in the room.

Laying in bed looking up at the ceilin'.
Oh, man...gotta really funny feelin'.
I might be dead or I might not.
I forgot to get my flu shot.
Hickory Dickory
Doc what's wrong with me.
Hope I made a payment on my insurance policy.
What does it mean when your skin starts peelin'?
I got a bad feelin'.

All I needed was a tissue to blow my nose!

Knock knock...I went to take a shot.
I got snot all over my glock!
Take a step back if you don't want to get ill.
I'm heading back to bed in my house on the hill.


released May 5, 2015
Written, Performed and Recorded by Nick Stargu (DJ REAL)

Copyright 2015



all rights reserved


DJ REAL San Francisco

Nick Stargu is a musician, comedian, writer and filmmaker who is best known for his multimedia / musical comedy act, DJ REAL, which has been featured at Outside Lands, San Francisco Sketchfest, Bridgetown Comedy Festival and more! He most recently appeared on the TV show “Flophouse” on Viceland. And he’s opened for Devo! He will be appearing as a host on NBC's Seeso show Guest List" Fall 2016. ... more

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